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My Technique / Hydroglyphs /  Videos

Please note these are digital files, not physical books and prices are in USD.

Learn my technique


You can purchase my step by step technique by clicking the CMP guide above. Please note the cost is in USD. If you genuinely can not afford this, you can add the code word -  Blessing - as you check out and it will be free. 

I have also set up a private Facebook group for all the people that are actively using my technique. If you would like to become part of this group send a membership request to - 

This group is only for genuine people that are interested in using this technique and willing to share their experiences.

New to my online store is the PDF of my Hydroglyphs.


What is a hydroglyph? The simplified version, is that they are symbols in ice that have one or more meanings. For example, the symbol for money and abundance is a coin image, and the symbol for love is a heart image.

To say I have discovered one hydroglyph, I need to have seen the same image appear after using the same influence, at least fifty times. This tells me that it is not coincidental, and there is enough evidence to say it has specific meaning. Essentially I am learning to read messages in water that are revealed in frozen symbology. This liquid crystal language is not as simple as ABC. hydroglyphs are very conceptually complex. when various glyphs are seen together there is a story to be told, and a scene that is set.

I believe water has a message for us all...something of great significance. The symbols I have discovered so far have already opened a door to consciousness well beyond the container of the human body.

This work is in its infancy, yet the sophistication of the language I've seen so far is remarkable. 

If you already have my technique, going forward, you will now be able to identify and read the messages that water has for you. This is an 80 page PDF, with 4 examples of each glyph as well as their meaning or meanings.  At the end of the PDF presentation there are photos of multiple glyphs within an ice sample. I describe their individual meanings, and then show how they work together as an entire message...essentially reading the language of water. 

This ground breaking work has taken me three years to compile and is the visual language of water. I have a couple of amazing people working with me on this project, a lady from Slovenia, and a man from India. We all speak and think in different languages, but we can all identify hydroglyphs as a Universal language.   

Be one of the first to view my personal study of water and dreams. 

I wanted to see if water could observe, or even accompany me while in my dream state, and then reveal an image relating to some part of my dream in the ice after freezing it. This removes the possibility that I am consciously influencing the water. It would also suggest that water can move through realms such as the subconscious.

I leave an uncovered petri dish of water by my bed each night with the intention that it capture some part of my dream. I then freeze the water using my technique the next morning, and photograph the imagery in the ice.

This PDF describes 18 dreams and shares the remarkable resulting photos.

The Secret is in the Salt 

When studying life, you cant overlook the intimate relationship of salt and water. No living being is devoid of either. Working as a water researcher for the last 8 and a half years, it became obvious that salt plays a role in the way water stores information. I'm happy to share my discoveries and thoughts publicly for the first time.

Here are some highlights -

“Crystal Salt is the most important remedy for mankind” - Plinius (23-79 AD)

*Just like its watery companion, salt is found in every single living cell on the Planet, and is the major mineral in extracellular fluid and seawater.

* Did you know that this dissolved mineral controls your taste, smell and tactile processes? Even the simplest reaction in our body requires salt or its inherent elements in ionised form.

* Salt conducts thoughts which are your commands to move your body...without it you'd be paralysed.

* It is theorised that if you removed all the salt from the human body you would die within 48 hours.

* Most people don’t realize that salt is vital for reducing a double chin.

* Sole (pronounced solay) What is it, and why is it important?

* How can dead sea salt turn into an unknown element, that has a connection to spiritual advancement?

* Could salt, used in a certain way, preserve water structure?

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