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When studying life, you cant overlook the intimate relationship of salt and water. No living being is devoid of either. Working as a water researcher for the last 8 and a half years, it became obvious that salt plays a role in the way water stores information. I'm happy to share my discoveries and thoughts publicly for the first time.

Here are some highlights:


“Crystal Salt is the most important remedy for mankind” - Plinius (23-79 AD)


*Just like its watery companion, salt is found in every single living cell on the Planet, and is the major mineral in extracellular fluid and seawater.


* Did you know that this dissolved mineral controls your taste, smell and tactile processes? Even the simplest reaction in our body requires salt or its inherent elements in ionised form.


* Salt conducts thoughts which are your commands to move your body...without it you'd be paralyzed.


* It is theorised that if you removed all the salt from the human body you would die within 48 hours. 


* The battle rages on about how much salt is good or bad for your health. I dive deep into this arena and share some astounding new studies. In reponse to one of them in particular, the New York Times said, “It’s pretty bizarre that our understanding about salt is this poor, yet that’s what can happen when you assume the science is settled and you’ve got it all figured out”


* Most people don’t realize that salt is vital for reducing a double chin.


* How can dead sea salt turn into an unknown element, that has a connection to spiritual advancement? 


* When I revisit the work of Gerald Pollack who explains that the absorption of light is essential in building structured EZ water, and that EZ is built under pressure, and has a negative charge...the more I think that sole is a concentrated liquid light source that might well be able to hold the structure of water in a bottle/container for longer. I think it acts as a kind of liquid structural preservative, and I also suggest that it has a great deal to do with the way our cells store cellular memory.

Study on the marriage of salt and water

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