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Each year Veda hosts between 3 and 4 Masterclasses, each one with a new topic of focus. The Ancient Mysteries Masterclass was held in Feb 2023 and has been by far the most popular to date. Keynote speakers included: archaeologlist, Tim Moon, project manager of the Bosnian pyramid,  Hawaiin elder, Kalani Souza, Quantum physics genius, Dave Rossi, best selling author, Elizabeth B Jenkins, Vanese Mc Neil, director of the cult series Magical Egypt, spiritual scientist, Thomas J Brown and more.


Veda covers topics she's never discussed before in any Masterclass.....the lost cities of Atlantis and Lemuria...what, if any, evidence is presented for their existence? The great flood, pyramids, ETs, UFOs, USOs, crop circles, ancient civilizations, the Bermuda triangle, the floating stones of Hanuman, giants, what’s really hidden under Antarctica? Cave paintings, Pacific myths and legends and so much more! You’ll be some of the first to see the crsytallography water revealed on these topics. Veda even reveals how water froze after using the words, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. 

Veda's friend and real life Indiana Jones, archeologist, Tim Moon, shares his mindblowing findings and experiences while investigating the controversial Bosnian pyramid.


Independant researcher and spiritual scientist, Thomas J Brown, talks in depth about the impact of the moon and stars on water, metals and fluids. 

Veda discusses Mer People and mermaids, & shares her own, very personal, near death experience, which weaves into some profound ideas about what’s really hiding in the oceans.

Special guest, Dave Rossi is a young genius in the field of quantum physics. He’s been linking some of Veda's hydroglyphs with math, geometry, zero point energy and ancient symbology, & we’ll talk about their potential for universal communication. He’ll get into the hidden & suppressed sciences, space craft, propulsion, ETs, crop circles & where or how water fits into these topics.

Veda's dear friend and best selling author, Elizabeth B Jenkins is a speaker. Her books include, ‘The Fourth Level', ‘The Return of the Inka’ and 'Journey to Q’eros’. Elizabeth is a fourth-level spiritual teacher of the Andean tradition. She’ll share her absolutely remarkable adventures in Peru with us. We’ll learn about the secrets of Mayan mysticism, water mirrors and egg divination.


This masterclass ran for just over 11 hours. Due to its size Veda uploaded it to You Tube with a private link. When you purchase this Masterclass you will recieve the YouTube link. Once purchased, you can also request the recording so you can download it yourself if you wish. Note, it is a large file. 

Ancient Mysteries Masterclass

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