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Online Workshop

NOTE : There is often confusion around timing and time zones for my online workshops. I'm now back in New Zealand and all my workshops (unless otherwise stated) begin at 8am New Zealand Time. If you have an iPhone I recommend you go to the clock app, and then go to the World Clock. If you type in Auckland, New Zealand, it will show you what time it is in NZ in real time, so you can accurately figure out the time difference. I always recommend this in case there are any daylight savings changes I don’t know about. 


If you are based in the USA the next beginners workshop is on Nov 12th in the USA at 11am PST (California time) 2pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) If you are in the UK it is at 7pm on Nov 12th, and if you are in New Zealand it is on Nov 13th at 8am. This will be the timing for all the beginners workshops going forward, until the next time change.

My final two online masterclasses for the year have just been added.

The first is back by popular demand, titled: WATER & THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES. My last ancient mysteries webinar sold out faster than any other event, and is to date my most requested topic. It covers everything from ancient civilizations, pyramids, Atlantis, Lemuria, Crop Circles, Crystals, Ancient Aliens, Ancient technology, Bermuda Triangle, Time Travel and much more! Begins NOV 11th for those in the US/UK/EU which is NOV 12th for folk in NZ/AUST. It begins at 7.30am NZT which is 10.30am Pacific, 6.30pm UK time, 7.30pm EU time. These times take into account the recent or upcoming time changes (It's for anyone in the world, these are just some examples of time zones)

I send out zoom links a few days prior to the event


My Dec webinar is titled, WATER - HEALTH/HEALING & HYDRATION, the ultimate masterclass for wellness warriors. I have some serious heavy hitters of health and wellness speaking. 

It is on Dec 2nd for folk in the US/UK/EU which is Dec 3rd for those in NZ and Australia. It begins at 8am NZT. That is 11am Pacific time, 7pm UK time, 8pm EU. 

I send out zoom links a few days prior to the event. 


My workshops are for anyone around the world. The selection of time zones I've given are where the majority of people book from, but this doesn't mean you are excluded if you live in another part of the world. You just need to find the time zone difference to discover when the workshop begins for you.

For questions about petri dishes and freezer settings, please visit the FAQ page.


Anyone who signs up for one of my zoom workshops can have a friend, partner or any children join them free of charge if they are in the same house together.  This doesn't apply to in person workshops sorry. 


I also offer workshops for private groups with a minimum of 8 people. If this interests you, feel free to reach out to me through the contacts page


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