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This 3 day event was incredible, both informative and moving. We dove deep into the question, ‘What is water, and how does it connect to God and spirit? The truth is we know very little about this life force energy we call water, science can’t even agree upon its origins. However, there are many secrets to be found in ancient texts, scriptures, cultures and religions that are truly paradigm shifting.


There were 29 speakers from all over the world, talking about the significance of water in their religion, their culture, or their experience. From Christianity, Islam, Hinduisim, Judaism, Catholicism, Zoroastrianism, Doaism and Sheikism to Hawaiian indigenous legends, stories of the Waitaha from NZ, Japanese Shintoism and shrines, water in the Celtic and Pagan worlds, folklore and legends from Russia, Druidism, the science of water in the Universe and so much more! 


Some of you may have seen an IG reel that asked the question, ‘What if water was God?‘ I’ve typed it up here for you to read because I think it’s very thought provoking. I’m not saying water is God, but I think it’s an interesting concept. I love to offer food for thought..or water for thought..


"If water were God, that would mean that God is in us and all around us, above us and below us. It would explain why a woman's water breaks when we're born, and why some religions observe the ritual of baptism. If water was God, then that would mean that God has no gender, God takes the shape of the container God appears in, which would explain why we have so many different belief systems. It would mean that all bodies of water were holy, that a thunderstorm is a church without walls, that when the rain falls it's an act of Gods death giving life, and when it evaporates again it's the day of resurrection."


You will recieve Youtube links for all the days, and if you would like the recordings themselves, bearing in find they are very large files, Veda's email is on the PDF you recieve upon payment. Please reach out and she will send it to you. 

Water, God and Spirit 3 day Masterclass

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