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Structures of water

 An informative introduction to the crystallographic structures of various types of water as well as examples of my work.

Introducing the idea of intelligent water

Watch how water responds crystallographically to influence.

Water's expression of music

Thanks to Shawn Picarsic for his cymatics example in this video. To see more of his work click the Facebook icon - 

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Watch as water creates a sailboat, from the thought of a sailboat 

This is a very short video showing ice form into a sailboat 

Tap water vs Spring Water

This video is under a minute long and shows the structural difference between tap water and spring water 

The structures of water from an NZ stream

Short video showing how stream water forms structurally 

The structures of water from an NZ spring (1)

Short video showing how spring water forms structurally 

Watch what happens to healthy spring water after 5G exposure

Short video showing how spring water changes structurally after 15 mins of  5G exposure 

The Shape of Water

This is a short video where we identify the crystallographic shape most commonly found in natural water sources, including organic juices

We are connected. We are water.

An inspiring short video about the interconnectedness of life, told through the eyes of water.

What can Water tell us about pyramids, extra terrestrials and the afterlife?

Investigating the potential for liquid intelligence and the fluid link between the Natural, Extra-Terrestrial and Spirit Worlds.

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