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Online Workshop

NOTE : There is often confusion around timing and time zones for my online workshops. I'm now back in New Zealand and all my workshops (unless otherwise stated) begin at 8am New Zealand Time. If you have an iPhone I recommend you go to the clock app, and then go to the World Clock. If you type in Auckland, New Zealand, it will show you what time it is in NZ in real time, so you can accurately figure out the time difference. I always recommend this in case there are any daylight savings changes I don’t know about. 


My online beginners workshops are very popular. Classes are currently booked out until Jan 6th 2025. That is the date for folk in the USA, UK/EU. Beginning at 1pm PST (California time) 4pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) If you are in the UK it is at 9pm . If you are in New Zealand it is on Nov 21st at 8am. Most questions relating to these workshops are answered in the FAQ

I send out zoom links a few days prior to the event

I've just added my very latest webinar called VEDA & THE SCIENCE, ART & CONSCIOUSNESS OF WATER. It is an 4 hour online event on Aug 10th for people who live in the US/UK/EU, beginning at 1pm (California time) 4pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) 9pm BST. If you are in New Zealand like me, it begins at 8am NZT on Aug 11th. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know me a bit better, to hear about my healing journey and relationship with water. What do I think water really is? I'll cover the topics in my new book, The Living Language of Water, ranging from water and consciousness, to water's response to various musical genres, natural healing, frequencies, homeopathy, energy, spirit, indigenous wisdom, the power of thoughts, words, liquid crystal medicine. I'll share about water's ability to self learn, and how it heals itself before it heals its environment. The talk will include my most shared study on egg albumen, and how I've documented clear healing by proximity. It's not a secret that I love the ancient mysteries with many of my most popular webinars being focused on this topic, so I will talk about this too. You'll be able to ask questions, and I'll give a live demo of my freezing technique.

I send out zoom links a few days prior to the event

My workshops are for anyone around the world. The selection of time zones I've given are where the majority of people book from, but this doesn't mean you are excluded if you live in another part of the world. You just need to find the time zone difference to discover when the workshop begins for you.

For questions about petri dishes and freezer settings, please visit the FAQ page.


Anyone who signs up for one of my zoom workshops can have a friend, partner or any children join them free of charge if they are in the same house together.  This doesn't apply to in person workshops sorry. 


I also offer workshops for private groups with a minimum of 8 people. If this interests you, feel free to reach out to me through the contacts page


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