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The Living Language of Water

Veda's long awaited book, The Living Language of Water, is finally available to purchase. Please note that because Veda is not supporting Amazon, she has had to put a lot of effort into finding ways to make it as affordable as possible, without compromising on quality. With the major concern being the cost of shipping, Veda is using quality printers in New Zealand, the USA and the UK to help navigate this issue. If your country is not on this list, please select either the USA or the UK links and they will ship it to you. 

Please do not purchase from the NZ or AUS links if you live OUTSIDE of these countries, as we presently do not ship further afield. 


Hundreds of years ago, water wasn’t referred to as water, it was called ‘The Waters’. It was considered living and sacred. The term ‘Her waters broke’, is a distant memory of old knowledge trickling down through the ages, but ‘The Living Language of Water’ might just open the flood gates again. Using her simple freezing technique, researcher Veda Austin has been showing the world that water is visibly responsive not only to our thoughts and emotions, but to music, frequencies, words, healing, pictures, and even films. For example, an image of a hand appeared in the ice after the thought of a hand was projected into it. Even simple words have manifested into form. Wait until you see what water designed after being exposed to a newspaper clipping regarding her grandmother, who was on a plane that went down over the Bermuda Triangle! With 1500 photos of detailed imagery, and over 300 pages, this book is a beautiful interweave of science, art, and consciousness. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then water has a lot to say!

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