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Book Reviews

"A wonderful blend of art and science. Some of the images are nothing short of amazing. Veda Austin has demonstrated how water responds to our thinking, in ways that I and others would have thought unimaginable. It now falls within the realm of science to see if we can explain what Austin has so beautifully demonstrated". 

– Gerald H. Pollack, PhD, Professor, University of Washington; Editor-in-Chief, WATER.

"A remarkable investigation.  Veda Austin has produced some interesting and impressive images which go way beyond what would be expected on the basis of conventional science.  I hope that her pioneering work will stimulate others to follow up with systematic investigations of their own".  

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, author of Science Set Free/The Science Delusion.

"In 2014, I discovered the photographic work of water in macro from Veda Austin. 

What a surprise. I thought like everyone else that Masaru Emoto was number one. It goes beyond my dreams, how to interpret for it? 

What can I say… Thank you Veda for this work. We feel very small compared to these extraordinary photos which glorify water and its memory. Veda opens a whole new dimension." 

- Laurent Costa (Author of, 'Into the Heart of Water)

"Message or messenger, what holds our attention?
Within these pages we will find, the messenger and the message are one. Revealed patiently, vision by vision. 

Is it the clarity, found within water? 

Perhaps the purity, within the vision. Like water, it could be all of this and more.  

Treat ourselves, anoint ourselves, blessed by a new understanding of the water.

The simple truth; like life, love, and water; we need to be understood, to be accepted. We seek our own level. The truth in the particle, the truth in the wave, truth in the drop, truth in the great ocean of life; in Water we are all one." 

- Rev. M. Kalani Souza

"Veda Austin has produced an utter pearl of a book.  The Secret  Intelligence of water serves up a sumptuous feast for the mind, heart, and soul, along with a delicious helping of eye-candy.  Her photographs are stunning, her research mind-boggling, and her co-creations with Water bring wave upon wave of love, lapping at our shore of hope. 

Veda Austin's work is nothing short of revolutionary; a revolution of truth, communion, and love made visible."

- Elizabeth B. Jenkins, international bestselling author of 'The Return of the Inka',  'Journey to Q'eros', & The Fourth Level: Nature Wisdom Teachings of the Inka"   

"The body of work that Veda Austin has produced is so profound that it has the potential to change the world very fast. When you have definitive visual proof that consciousness itself so deterministically effects water, then we become empowered with the recognition that our thoughts, feelings and intentions are stronger than we could have ever imagined.

If these human expressions have such a dramatic effect on water, imagine the effect they’re having on our water-based bodies? This book will change the way people think about themselves by offering them the opportunity to interact with their own bodies, and our world, in a deeply compassionate way."

-Seth Leaf Pruzansky (Tourmaline Spring)

"I remember the feeling I had several years ago when I saw some of the first images that Veda had taken using her new technique of crystallography. The images struck me to the core. The first impression what that of communication… that the water was sentient and exhibiting the abilities of relationship. I felt a movement in the 3 places that I track in my body:

  • In my head I felt a sense of wonder that water could use ‘language’. 

  • In my gut I felt a knowing that this was real, not made up by me or anyone else’s ego.

  • In my heart I felt a quickening and a sense of destiny. That something very important was taking place.


I feel fortunate to have seen more of these images as things have progressed in the ensuing time. Each time I have felt those same impressions in my body. 


At present in the world we are watching microscopic things bring about great change in the larger reality. The Hermetic Principle of “As above, so below. As within, so without” becomes a pathway for understanding that not only do we create our own reality,  but that we are that reality. For me, Veda’s crystallographic images have been another way to connect to that understanding. Thank you for the journey!"

- Ron La Place (Spiritual Health Practitioner & Researcher)

"With the events that are occurring on Planet Earth today, it would seem to be divine timing that Veda Austin has presented this book for all those people that have had a glimpse of Consciousness, but had never quite made the step into belief.

Veda has taken the work of people like Dr. Masaru Emoto and many others, and extrapolated it way beyond what they could have ever imagined. From the early days of projecting simple images into water with nothing more than intention, Veda has progressed through more complex forms to now conversations with water. This seminal work clearly presents visual evidence of this journey.

I call this book "proof of Consciousness" and it clearly demonstrates the power of intention. If our bodies are over 70 percent water and the planet is also over 70 percent water, then we have to ask ourselves what effect our thoughts and intentions are having on our fellow human beings, as well as upon the planet that we live on.

Now is the time that we need to become conscious of the fact that humans have such a powerful effect on each other and we have the opportunity to co-create a planet based on harmony and Love.
This book by Veda is a catalyst for that change."

- John Thode (Spiritual Teacher)

"A very rare blend of science on a quantum level, the mystery of consciousness and the often dismissed notion of magic – this book reveals water as an artist with its own infinite collection of expressions. I couldn’t predict any of the surprising imagery reflected with every turn of the page. At the same time as making no sense to the right side of my brain, it made a poetic kind of sense to my left half.

I like to imagine the first human encounter with ourselves as a conscious being, was through our reflection in water. It fills me with the fantastical possibility that perhaps the way a cat reacts to its face in a puddle, is met by that puddle reacting to the cats face."

- Josh McKenzie (Actor & Musician) 

"The book is very, very interesting. It gives an extraordinary message, and in my eyes is an important leap forward from Emoto's images and explanations. Even at first glance, the book gives an amazing new vision into the intelligence of nature. 

It is a live record of thrilling communication possibilities with the side of reality that our blind civilization treats as absolutely inert, non-living, and bereft of any traces of intelligence. The book supports the resurrection of the Renaissance hylozoistic outlook on nature, according to which everything is alive and interconnected with invisible threads. The post-renaissance mechanistic thought, starting with Galileo Galilei, banished hylozoism from the scientific picture of the world. 
Therefore, even if 'The Secret Intelligence of Water' is not scientific in the conventional meaning of the word, it nevertheless brings new knowledge, new light, new insights, and may greatly help in raising the consciousness of present-day humanity towards a new Renaissance and a new sense of responsibility towards nature." 

- Prof. Igor Jerman, PhD in Biology

If you like water, magic and mysticism, then I would say The Secret Intelligence of Water is definitely a book for you. In this dramatic combination of photography and new science, Veda Austin, a modern day water-diviner, has recorded images of the shapes of water that cast new light into the mysteries of nature, and our interconnectedness.

- Professor/Dr Sharad P Paul

"Years ago I came across a proposition by Rudolf Steiner who suggested to his students to observe the crystals that form on the window of a butchers shop versus a floral shop. I have spent many years pursuing this and related indications from this spiritual scientist.

Veda navigates the middle way between Scylla and Charybdis, Science and Spirituality - the middle path is Art.

This is a book of artistic exploration informed by both methodology and meaning. Veda has spent the better part of a decade watching these forms arise...something Rudolf Steiner called the 'yoga of the senses', where the phenomena is taken in and insight is breathed out. This is the essence of Goethean science.

The droplet of water is the perfect expression of the polar forces of evaporation and gravity. In the interval of these two lies the mysterious play of flow and freeze. 

At a time where the world looks like it's losing its way, the artist comes to offer an invitation to wholeness." 

- Michael Frantz (Goethean and Anthroposophic Sciences)

"Pictures say more than a thousand words. The work described in this wonderful book is magnificent... It has the power to transform the universe.

If we truly and deeply connect with what Veda is actually showing us in her co-creations with water, I believe we will change the way we relate to ourselves and everything on earth, it will change what we put out as well as let in.

​It provides evidence that water is indeed the intelligent life that connects us all, every thought, form, intention, element, environment, action influences water across time and space, it's structure holds the information. 

This is really true, pure, sincere, open scientific exploration. Veda has shown that her CMP method can be used to investigate numerous questions. So much to explore!

I have deep respect for this sacred work, no doubt water is the backbone of all. I’m grateful that Veda’s unconditional love has enabled water to show more of itself. Together they have paved a path for us to move further on."

- Everine van de Kraats, PhD

"The Secret Intelligence of Water offers the enthusiast an eyepiece into the intrinsic beauty of natures elements, and the physical forces that govern them. Veda explores intuitive methods and captures super natural outcomes, inspiring both the sciences and the arts alike. 


One must be left to consider the connecting link between mind and matter, and the thread between the experimenter and the experiment. A threaded boundary condition where opposing forces create a dynamic balance for measure of time, space, dimension, wonder and reflection.  An intuitive approach towards water research is paramount in pushing and breaking boundaries towards the next mode of understanding and being. A beautiful work rendered by a talented and intuitive being. 


Bravo and thank you Veda!"

- Jeremy Pfeiffer (Tech Entrepreneur & Independent Scientific Researcher, SVP Water Research, Laguna Beach, California)

"What Veda has unveiled so beautifully evokes the almost unknown, indescribable wisdom and magnificence of a precious life-force humanity could not survive without.

This remarkable discovery proclaims the most ancient of all languages since time immemorial; the unified gift that we are all of the same expressive consciousness. Her extraordinary connection with this most sacred element must be given the highest respect".

- JHB Edmonds (Spiritual Teacher/Author/Wilderness Adventurer)

"This book is a culmination of Veda’s passion and commitment to share her findings in a way that is clearly presented and easy to view.

The resulting images are stunning and are a vivid reflection of exposure to thoughts, music, images, prayer and, words. To me it really is proof that water is a living entity with a consciousness that expands our understanding of the nature of all Life.

 I was particularly surprised and delighted with her findings on how water was able to respond visually to her questions. This really demonstrates that we can communicate with the consciousness and intelligence of water. Veda’s experiments with thoughts projected from the other side of the world demonstrate how the whole of Life is intimately connected through water.

I love the quote in the book that “Water is the glove on the hand of consciousness” Moses Hackman

This perfectly sums up the beauty contained within this sacred work." 

- Waveney Thode - (Spiritual Teacher)

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