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If you have a water structuring device or EMF protector, a speciality water bottle or any related product or sample, and would like visual proof that it works or what it looks like macroscopically, Veda will use it and send you before and after crystallographic photos using tap water as the test water. Tap water has a very disordered structure which Veda will photograph prior to using the device or product. If the product works well, there should be a noticeable difference seen in the tap water structure. You will also receive your products water 'signature' where Veda will do 3 separate tests looking for repeated patterns that define your water from others. She will do her best to accommodate any other requests you have. If your product is saline, or seawater such as Quinton, she will focus on its unique signature pattern unless otherwise instructed. These photos can be an invaluable business investment as a picture speaks a thousand words. The cost for this service is $120 USD and includes a 50min one on one zoom meeting with Veda. 

You can book and pay for this service by clicking here


Tap water samples pre Flaska bottle top row,

post Flaska bottle bottom row.

Flaska bottle water signature, matches the

love and gratitude symbol on the sleeve. 

before and after Flaska pics.png
crystallography of water in a Flaska bot

Crystallographic study on the effectiveness of the OmniQARD on water exposed to EMF

Ararimu reversed.png

Crystallographic water testing

Blue and Monochrome Cats 9 Panel Grid Fl

Product comparison

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