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What can water teach us about the ancient world?

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My last ancient mysteries webinar sold out faster than any other event, and is to date my most requested topic. According to science, Earth's water has been in existence for 4.5 billion years. We are discovering more and more evidence that this ‘far from simple’ liquid stores vast amounts of information, like a record keeper. If there were any substance in our world that could teach us about our true history, it would be water. Water was the ice in the ice age, water was the great flood. In this 8 hour webinar I will establish the science behind my work, before launching into a crystallographic journey of ancient history. I’ll discuss pyramids, and their relationship with water, and share never before seen ice imagery relating to the ice age, the great flood, ancient civilisations and sites pre flood, including Göbekli Tepe...and I'll share why ferns are so significant in relation to pre history. Of course, I have incredible speakers too, including archeologist Tim Moon, a real life Indiana Jones. He’ll share his findings and experiences (good and bad) while investigating the controversial Bosnian pyramid, and show us some mind bending photos of ancient technology & artefacts, as well as footage of water in one of the pyramid chambers. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Kathy Forti will be sharing her fascinating experiences in Egypt. Kathy wrote an intriguing article called, ‘Exploring the Great Pyramid's Underground Water Tunnels’. She even took a sample of this water & had it tested, and the results confirmed something I had thought for a long time! I’ll have film producers, Vanese Mc Neill and Chance Gardner who together produced the cult series, ‘Magical Egypt’. They will explore evidence of a sophisticated science behind the unexplainable accomplishments of Ancient Egypt, which extends to the idea that perhaps they inherited knowledge from an even earlier civilisation... We can’t have an ancient mysteries talk without discussing Atlantis and Lemuria, ancient aliens, merpeople (mermaids), crop circles, Antarctica, the Bermuda Triangle, crystals, time travel and much more! I have a couple of secret speakers too! For those that attended my last talk in, there will be plenty of new material in this one to keep you interested! This will be recorded and anyone who books gets the recording even if they couldn't attend the live online event. Zoom links will be sent out closer to the time. Begins NOV 11th for those in the US/UK/EU & NOV 12th for NZ/AUST

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