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What can water teach us about the ancient world?

  • 8 hours
  • 100 US dollars
  • Online webinar

Service Description

My last ancient mysteries webinar sold out faster than any other event, and is to date my most requested topic. According to science, Earth's water has been in existence for 4.5 billion years. We are discovering more and more evidence that this ‘far from simple’ liquid stores vast amounts of information, like a record keeper. If there were any substance in our world that could teach us about our true history, it would be water. In this 9 hour webinar I'll dive into topics such as Atlantis and Lemuria, ancient aliens, merpeople (mermaids), crop circles, Antarctica, the Bermuda Triangle, crystals, time travel and more....including my personal observations of what happens to water inside a pyramid. We are so lucky to have Patricia Awyan as a speaker. Patricia is symbologist, speaker, researcher, writer and explorer. She has lived in Egypt for more than 15 years & traveled to ancient sites globally, researching clues that support the concept of a very advanced civilization, both technologically and spiritually, that once spanned the globe. I'm delighted to announce that the amazing Robert Edward Grant will be speaking into his discoveries about the pyramids and sacred geometry. Indigenous wisdom keeper Teresa Echaide, will dive into topics such as: Water as the ultimate shapeshifter and clouds as the hosts of all consciousness. Ex surveillance drone pilot Ryan Rosales is sharing is extensive mapping of strange, prolific geo glyphs throughout the middle East, and their potential meanings. Astrologer and clinical psychologist Heather Ensworth Ph.D will dive into the ancient understanding of the relationship between the constellations of “The Waters” in the sky, the waters on earth and shifts in human consciousness. Back by popular demand I have Dr. Kathy Forti sharing her adventures in the subterranean water tunnels of the great pyramid along with her discoveries of alien artefacts in Mexico. My dear friend Ron La Place will discuss sacred geometry, creation and the 8 original cells and 8 Extraordinary Vessels. For those that attended my last talk in, there will be plenty of new material in this one to keep you interested! This will be recorded and anyone who books gets the recording even if they couldn't attend the live online event. Zoom links will be sent out closer to the time. Begins MARCH 16th for those in the US/UK/EU & MARCH 17th for NZ/AUST

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