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Water, God & Spirit, 2023 Masterclass

3 day online event

  • 100 US dollars
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I only have 3-4 online Masterclasses a year. Each one is unique, with a specific theme. This June I'm doing my first ever 3 day event. The topic is, 'What can different religions, cultures, faiths and ancient texts teach us about water?' I have an incredible line up of speakers from all around the world, sharing their wisdom and knowledge. If you've ever wanted to dive into the deeper spiritual meaning of water, this is the masterclass for you! From science, culture, religion, and philosophy, we are linking Water, God and Spirit together in ways that will blow your mind! Here's a quote from keynote speaker, Isabel Friend: "Water is the place where spirit and science meet. Water is everywhere, all throughout the Universe. God is like a hologram of consciousness that holds the maps of all reality on every layer, cross-dimensionally. One could say that the very foundation of water itself is also the foundation of the entire Universe. Hydrogen in Latin literally means Hydro - Water, Gen - Creator ... THE CREATOR OF WATER. Hydrogen is the fabric of our universe and acts in a fluid way. If you look at Christianity, first and foremost in Genesis, it says, “In the beginning there was nothing, and then God moved over the face of the water. Water is mentioned in the bible more than 700 times, more than love, more than worship. It’s in the first lines of Genesis and the last lines of Revelations. The Vedic texts say that ‘All beings are made of water, all deities are made of water, all of the worlds are made of water." We have an ordained Christian minister who, amongst other things, will talk about Thecla, the girl who baptised herself & didn't make it into the Bible. I have inspiring speakers from all the major religions, including my friend, sister Kathryn, who is a 75 year old catholic nun..unlike any nun you've ever met! You'll hear the folk stories of Russia, and water wisdom from NZ, Hawaii, Africa and India. We'll hear from Puma who is a Paq’o (Andean Priest) who was struck by lightning at 6, as well as a Druid from Portugal, and my American Indian friend, Izzy. We'll cover the Gnostic and Taoist teachings, the iChing, Metaphysics & so much more! Water unites us all. This masterclass will sell out fast. Everyone gets the recording from the 3 days. This event is on June 3rd/4th and 5th for the USA/UK/EU and June 4th, 5th and 6th in NZ/AUST. It is open to all countries, these are just examples. Please read the info on my workshop page re time zones.

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