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First Masterclass of 2023 Feb 19/20th

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

9 hour masterclass with Veda & friends

  • 100 US dollars
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Service Description

I only have 4 online Masterclasses a year. Each one is unique, & along with sharing my studies and work with water, I take a deep dive into a specific area for each one. This February I’m covering topics I’ve never discussed before in any Masterclass.....the lost cities of Atlantis and Lemuria...what, if any, evidence is presented for their existence? The great flood, underwater pyramids, the floating stones of Hanuman, what’s really hidden under Antarctica? You’ll be some of the first to see what water has shown me on these topics. My friend and real life Indiana Jones, archeologist, Tim Moon, will be a guest speaker. He’ll share his findings and experiences while investigating the controversial Bosnian pyramid. We'll dig into some fascinating indigenous stories, myths, legends and fairy tales. What were their origins? I'll talk about Mer People and mermaids, and I’ll also be sharing my own, very personal, near death experience, which weaves into some profound ideas about what’s really hiding in the oceans. My friend and special guest, David Zed is coming on. Dave's a young genius in the field of quantum physics. He links some of my hydroglyphs with math, geometry, zero point energy & ancient symbology, and we'll discuss their potential for universal communication. We'll get into conversations about the hidden & suppressed sciences, space craft, propulsion, ETs crop circles & where/how water fits into these topics. Lastly, I have invited my dear friend and best selling author, Elizabeth B Jenkins to speak. Her books include, ‘The Fourth Level', ‘The Return of the Inka’ and 'Journey to Q’eros’. Elizabeth is a fourth-level spiritual teacher of the Andean tradition. She’ll be sharing her absolutely remarkable adventures in Peru with us. We'll also discuss the secrets of Mayan mysticism, water mirrors, egg divination & more. This masterclass will sell out fast, I recommend securing your spot early. It includes my step by step guide, hydroglyph PDF & the recording of the event, regardless of if you could attend on the day. This event is on Feb 12th for the USA/UK/EU and Feb 13th for me in NZ/AUST. It is open to all countries, these are just examples. Please read the info on my workshop page re time zones.

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