Dreams are something we have all experienced. It's clear that even animals go into the dream state. Sometimes we are the Observer of the dream, and sometimes the participant. We can visit the same place we've been to before, speak to people who have passed away, be chased by the scary monsters of our imagination, and even fly. As we experience the dream realm it feels so real, even though when we recall it the next day, it can seem crazy.


I wanted to see if water could observe, or even accompany me while in my dream state, and then reveal an image of some part of my dream in the ice after freezing it. This removes the possibility that I am consciously influencing the water. It would also suggest that water can move through realms such as the subconscious.

I leave an uncovered petri dish of water by my bed each night with the intention that it capture some part of my dream. I then freeze the water using my technique the next morning, and photograph the imagery in the ice. It is also important to note, that the water was in a totally dark room for the duration of my dreams. Many people ask me if water can design when it was influenced in the dark. 

This PDF describes 18 dreams and shares the remarkable resulting photos.

Study of Water & Dreams